Social media highs and lows


The other reasons why social media is so popular

As of March 31 of this year, Facebook has over 835 525 280 users and that number increases every single second. Most people claim to be on social media websites because they want to reconnect with long lost friends or keep in touch with the ones they are close to. However, according to a recent study released by Harvard, there are other reasons why social media is so popular, and they are more physical than you might imagine.

Social media highs
For some people, sharing status updates or photos on social media sites brings them so much pleasure that it can almost be compared to the sensations one receives while having sex or eating a really good piece of chocolate cake. According to the study conducted by Harvard, the reason why social media is so fun for most people is simple, we like to talk about ourselves. During the study, patients were hooked up to MRIs that would monitor their brain waves when they were asked different questions. The brain was more engaged when the people discussed their own views and opinions instead of discussing the ones other people had. According to Diana Tamir, the woman who was behind this little social experiment, “... people enjoy sharing information about themselves to others.” in fact, some people enjoy sharing their views on social media so much, that they might even be addicted to it.

Social media lows
Whether it is to please a physical need or not, there is no denying that social media has become dangerously popular for some people. In the 90’s, people we’re addicted to what was the “next big thing” at the time, the Internet. Now, this decade is seeing social media addiction as a real psychological disorder that is affecting Internet users around the world. Like many other types of addictions, people don’t realize they have this problem, or that they can be on Facebook and Twitter for hours at a time. Sadly, they realize they have this problem either when their grades go down or, when they lose their jobs.

Social media has changed the way we interact with each other. Some say for the better, some say otherwise. One thing is for sure, sites like Facebook and Twitter are not going away any time soon... and it will be up to the users to figure out how they want to interact with those websites and, more importantly, how much time they want to spend on them each day.

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