Social etiquette rules to follow


Think before you tweet or post something on your wall

We live in a fast paced world. Anything and everything can be shared with a click of a mouse either on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. In fact, the world in which we live in is so fast, that we sometimes don’t take the time to think before we post... and by doing so, we are committing a great “faux pas” in the eyes of social media etiquette.

But what is social media etiquette? What are the rules that we Tweeters and Facebook lovers should abide by? Here is a quick list of some of the best practices to keep in mind before you tweet or publish something on your wall.

Think before you post:
We sometimes don’t take the time to think about what we post, or like on Facebook and Twitter. Telling people to keep secrets can be very difficult in this day and age. Personal news such has pregnancies, deaths or marriages should not be posted on your profile unless you are directly involved in them. Nobody wants to learn via Facebook that their favorite grandma has passed away. If the information feels like it should remain in the family or within your close knit circle of friends, than it probably should not be published on a social media site.

How to properly conduct conversations:
If you’ve received praise from a friend or an employer via Facebook, don’t share it on your wall, just leave a comment thanking them, it’s the polite and socially acceptable thing to do. It’s important to credit the person who originally “liked” the information that you shared on your wall or Twitter profile. It’s the quickest and friendliest way to gain a lot of friends or followers if that’s what you want to obtain from a social media site. Facebook conversations can be long, while it is recommended to be patient and follow the whole conversation until it is complete, you don’t have to reply to every single comment that is posted on your page. If you have the time or desire to respond, do it, if not, just leave the conversation alone.

Choose who you want to interact with:
There is no written rule anywhere that commends you to like and follow everyone that likes and follows you. On my personal Twitter account, I do not follow and even block the people whose tweets I don’t agree with. Also, if you have unfollwed someone or, if you have been on the receiving end of an unfollow, you don’t have to whine about it to the rest of the world. People follow and unfollow all the time. It might sting if your former high school sweetheart unfollows you, but if she didn’t find your tweets interesting, it was her call to do so.

What has been covered in this article is just the tip of the iceberg of the social media etiquette rules you should follow. In the end, it’s all about being respectful to the person that has followed you or left a message on your wall. Social media is all about sharing and conversing with other people who share your interests and if you do it in a kind and respectful manner, you’ll have a ton of friends and followers in no time. 

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