Say it with a picture, it will last longer

September 14, 2012

Remember the old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”? In the world of social media, this saying is the trend that some companies live by. Why? Because it’s easier for most people to remember a picture that shocked them or made them laugh then it is to remember a long post filled with text and statistics.

Nowadays, if you want to get your message across on social media platforms, you might want to consider adding an image to that particular message, and here are the reasons why:

Pinterest, the next big thing
If you read this blog on a regular basis, you’ll remember that we once published an article covering the emerging website Pinterest and the important place it is taking in the social media world. Well, the only things you see on Pinterest are pictures. You can leave a comment in the pictures you “pin” on your board, but most of the time, images get pinned and repined without any comments left by the users. The secret behind Pinterest’s popularity is hidden behind the fact that the majority of its user base is composed of women between the ages of 17 to 25 and most of them have children. They use this website to share things they would like to buy, crafts they would like to do or recipes they would like to cook. If you’re thinking that Pinterest isn’t the website for your business, you might want to think again because, according to the Search Engine Journal “Pinterest users who shop online follow 9.3 retailers, while Facebook users follow 6.9 retailers and Twitter users follow 8.5 retailers”.

Tumblr, the other option to consider
If Pinterest doesn’t interest you, you could always try to open an account on Tumblr. Tumblr is a blogging platform that currently hosts almost 65 million blogs and it has recently opened its doors to advertising. Like Pinterest, the content that is posted and shared on Tumblr is mostly composed of pictures, but, since this is a blogging platform, a text can be posted along with these pictures. Companies who are considering opening a Tumblr account will have to work a little harder if they want to gain a lot of followers. The user base of this platform is composed of college kids aged 25 or younger, and their attention is a little harder to grab. It is important to follow users who might be interested in your brand and to post images and articles regularly on your Tumblr account if you want to stand out in the 71.6 million posts that are created on that website every day.

If you are still not convinced that these websites could benefit your business, consider the other options. If you have a graphic designer working for you, you could ask him or her, to create an infographic based on information that is relevant to your business. Infographics go viral in a number of minutes on the Internet. The more creative and informative they are, the longer they will trend on social media websites like Twitter and Facebook. Also, remember to add pictures to the things you post on your other social media accounts. People might not have the time to read what you’re trying to say with words, but it will take them seconds to view and share a picture that has touched them.

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