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If you’re currently unemployed, you might want to pay closer attention to the following article

A new trend that is emerging in the social media world is that more and more employers turn to sites like LinkedIn and Facebook to find that potential diamond in the rough that might the perfect employee for their business.

How employers use social media:
Employers are noticing the power of social media. According to a survey compiled by Career Enlightenment, 89% of companies will use social media for recruiting in 2011. In fact, according to the same survey, 86% of employers claim that people should make their user profiles more employer friendly buy filtering out the information that is posted on their pages. You might think that companies turn to sites like LinkedIn in order to seek out people to recruit. While it is true that LinkedIn recently became the third largest social media networking site in the U.S. after Facebook and Twitter. However, company bosses and human resources mongrels are also setting their sights on Youtube and the newcomer Google+ to claim some of the unemployment market. Facebook has taken notice of this trend and launched applications named BrancheOut  and Beknown that will most likely challenge the supremacy of LinkedIn in the future. But it’s important to keep in mind that depending on the field the employer is based on, he might turn to social media sites that we’re created for one specific industry. For example, a hospital looking to hire a young doctor might look at profiles on Ozmosis for physicians who are ready to start practicing in the field.

How potential employees should use social media:
So what does that mean if you are currently looking for a job? Well, for starters, if you are unemployed at the moment, you might want to keep your social profiles up to date. If you have a LinkedIn page, use it as your CV and only list the important information that would get you hired. Be careful though, you don’t want to be too flashy because that might make employers suspicious. Also, you don’t have to apply for a premium membership. A premium membership means that your profile will appear before everybody else’s in the unemployed list, but employers aren’t stupid. They know that just because you payed money to be at the top of the list, doesn’t mean you’re the most qualified person for the job. Another good tip is to participate in the conversations of companies that interest you. Companies love it when people participate in their discussions, and if you have something intelligent to say, that’s even better. However, always be careful of what you put on your profiles. Facebook pages for example, don’t fade out from the Internet as easily as you might want them to. Some things you can say openly on social media sites some accidentally slip through the cracks, so always watch what you say.


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