How to integrate social media in your Christmas marketing strategy


It’s that time of year again. The time where people will be scouring all around town and the Internet to find that perfect gift for their loved ones. If you own a small business and have decided to take the social media leap in 2011, what do you need to know in order to make the most out of social media during the Holiday season? Search Engine Watch has recently published some great tips on how small or even big businesses can utilize social media to boost their holiday sales.

Choose where you want to be:

This will ultimately depend on how much money you can inject into your social media budget. If you have a small budget, chances are that the achievements you will obtain from your social media campaign will be limited. Don’t try to be everywhere at once; it’s nearly impossible, even for larger companies who have been involved in social media for a long time. It’s best to try the more well known platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You can have a significantly large exposure without having to break your budget. It all depends on how frequently you are active on those platforms and what type of information you send out to your followers.

People crave value:
The constant search for value is often the main reason why people join a social media platform in the first place. They want to share their experiences and finds with their peers and which will transform into a wave of sharing that can be carried over to 100 people or more. This means that Christmas is the perfect time to offer discounts and vouchers to your followers since budgets have a tendency to fall to pieces during the Holiday season. However, don’t be content with just sending out discounts. Remember, people want value. They crave content that they will be willing to share, to tell their friends and family “Hey, check this out”. So choose what you want to blog, tweet or post about on Facebook, and choose carefully.

Don’t waste your time with unsatisfied customers
Social media can help you showcase your good side to a very large number of people, sadly, it’s impossible to make everyone happy and you can expect to receive bad comments and critics from time to time. Don’t kid yourself into thinking you can please everybody, the best you can do is apologize to the unsatisfied customer and see how you can make their past unhappy experience with your product or service a more pleasurable one.

In the end, being on social media is all about one thing...being social. Interact with your customers. Take into considerations their ideas to make your product better. Start debates; ask questions about what types of gifts they are looking for this Christmas or what the worst gift they ever received was. Treat social media platforms like a big office party, survey everybody to see where the vibe is at and when you find a good business opportunity, jump on it.

From all of us at Adeo Internet Marketing, we wish you a very happy Holiday season and we will see you again in 2012!

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