Google Plus One Year Later


Reasons why the social media network might not celebrate its second birthday

About one year ago, the very first article that was ever published on this blog mentioned the launch of Google + and how the newborn social media website could possibly fair against the giants already that rule the Internet. Well, Google + is one year old. But, how far has Google + come in its short year of existence? Has it made any progress at all?

Why did the buzz die?
Google + was something new and exciting back when it was first launched in June of 2011, but even back then, the social media site was suffering. When it began its conquest of the Internet, Google + was invite only. That seemed like a good way to control the active population of Google +, but if your friends are not active on the platform because they were not invited or didn’t respond to your invite, why should you visit Google + in the first place? According to Google’s Senior Vice president, Vic Gundotra, Google + has 170 million users. That’s great, but if those users are not active, then there really isn’t anything to brag about. A recent study published by the firm RJ Metrics discovered some facts that support Google +’s upcoming end. According to this study, 30 % of users who make one public post on Google + never make a second one, and when people do post actively on Google +, an average of 12 days can be counted between each post. It may be hard to believe, but what may be the final nail in Google +’s coffin is the fact that people spend more time a month on the thought to be forgotten My Space (an average of 8 mins a month) compared to the time they spend on Google + (an average of 3 mins a month), ouch.

What can Google + do to rise from its ashes?
Google + has its advantages. Creating hangouts, for example, is a fun way to hold a video conference with 10 of your friends. One thing that Google + could do to follow in its competitors footsteps is developing apps that would support the website better. You can share almost anything, anywhere when you’re an active user of Facebook or Twitter, but it’s not an easy thing to do if you’re only active on Google +. Another thing Google + should do is letting companies advertise on the website. That would be a way to build some form of interest for its users and bring some revenue to keep the site going. But, certain companies who have tried to be active on Google + are lukewarm about that idea. While some claim that Google + is a nice social media website, people are not active on their pages, so they are not interested in maintaining they Google + pages active.

In the end, there are many more things that Google + could do to ensure its survival, like buying out some of its competitors or turning its attention to acquiring other platforms like Linked In, but the truth is, G+ is a victim of the popularity of other social media websites. With so many social media sites available, it’s hard for users to be present everywhere at the same time. So people are just not interested in building a new list of contacts on Google + like they did for Facebook or Twitter because, let’s face it, having an interesting group of friends to talk to on those sites alone takes time. If Google + doesn’t find a way to keep its users hooked, it might not make it past its second birthday in 2013.

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