Google creeping in on Social media giants


What do Facebook and Twitter have in store to counter the Google+ phenomenon .Google+ is big, and it’s getting bigger. Since its launch at the end of June, more than 18 million people have boarded the Google+ train, at an average rate of 750 000 new users every day. And Google+ is invite only, it’s not open to the general public yet like Twitter and Facebook. Speaking of which, what do Facebook and Twitter have in store to counter Google+’s massive social media attack...Do they have anything at all?

Twitter gets the cash to evolve:

The influence of Twitter might have been questioned since it’s been a little quieter in the social media market over the past few months, but that didn’t stop the company from landing the largest venture capital investment in history; an $800 million deal. What exactly will Twitter do with that huge amount of capital is unknown, but the firm handling the purse strings, DST Global says that the company has sold 400 million dollars in shares, and some investments were made in Facebook also.

Facebook buys an e-Book publisher:

Earlier this month, Facebook announced that it had purchased the company Push Pop Press. This company specializes in making books for applications like the Ipad and Iphone into movies with words and interactive graphics that make everything come to life. Does that mean Facebook wants to make a move selling e-books? Not according to the head office of the company. But a press release on the Push Pop Press website states :’’Although Facebook isn’t planning to start publishing digital books, the ideas and technology behind Push Pop Press will be integrated with Facebook, giving people even richer ways to share their stories’’. Could this be the basis for a revolutionary new user interface?

Whatever happens in the world of social media, the situation just got interesting. With big names like Facebook and Twitter going up against the strong newcomer, Google+, it’s only a matter of time before one of these interfaces becomes the one preferred by users all over the world, leaving the competition, in the dust.


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