Going back to school with Get Glue


If you read this blog frequently, you know that a few weeks ago, I wrote an article that talked about Pinterest and the various uses you can get out of that social media website. I have to admit, I wrote this article because I was curious about the site and I didn’t know much about it. This time around, another website has caught my eye and stirred my interest: Get Glue. I already had an account on the site but I used it maybe once or twice so I wanted to know more about it and why it’s generating so much buzz around the Internet.

And here is what I found.

What is Get Glue
Get Glue is a lot like Foursquare, instead of checking in when you enter a museum or a restaurant, you check into the website when you’re watching a television show, reading or playing a video game. A lot of people (including myself) tweet or write on our Facebook pages while we are watching television and Get Glue uses the phenomenon of merging television with social media to its advantage. So why is Get Glue so popular? According to Alex Iskold, CEO of Get Glue, people love the website because, unlike Twitter ‘’there is more room to talk”, meaning that conversations aren’t limited to just 140 characters. Also, say you’re checking in to mention to the world you’re currently watching Mad Men, an ongoing conversation about this particular show will already be available to you, meaning the work of searching for a topic has already been done for you. You don’t have to go looking for a conversation with hash tags like you would have to do on Twitter.

Good old fashioned sticker system
Remember when you were in grade school and the teacher put a smiley face sticker on your paper because you got a good grade? You were so proud to be amongst the few who had a sticker on their paper, well, in a way, Get Glue uses the same reward system. What’s fun about Get Glue is that when you log in, much like Foursquare, you get a badge that mentions you were watching Desperate Housewives. However, unlike Foursquare, your badge doesn’t exist only in the virtual world; you can request that actual copies of the stickers be mailed out to you. You can then advertise to the world, everywhere you can think to stick the stickers, that you watch certain shows or read certain books. But be careful, sticker collecting comes with certain restrictions:

  • You can receive one package containing 20 stickers per month
  • You can unlock special limited edition stickers that are distributed when a show first airs
  • You don’t get to choose the stickers you receive, so being picky is the key to getting the ones you want

These stickers are designed and paid for by the networks that air the shows, so it’s a nice conversion of traditional media and social media. I can’t forget to mention that you can log in and share Get Glue information via Facebook and Twitter, so when you’re watching Doctor Who or playing Mass Effect 3, you’re saying it to the world via three different websites. 



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