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The world of social media is constantly changing. New websites like Pinterest are emerging everyday to claim some a piece of the popularity pie. If you are a social media manager, managing social media pages for more than one company can be a daunting task. Fortunately for you, Facebook has recently launched an update aimed at administrators that just might make your job a little easier. 

The new “levels” of management:

Don’t expect to see this update for your personal Facebook page. It only applies to fan pages that you manage for your customers. Now the lonely role of Manager can be shared with a few other people.

Here is the new hierarchy of roles broken down:

  • Manager: The most powerful role in the management hierarchy. This person can create send messages, manage ads, create posts and view insights.
  • Content creator: As the name of this position implies, the person who fulfills this role is allowed to create posts, ads and view insights. You could almost refer to this role as the Manager’s right hand man.
  • Moderator: Much like a moderator of a forum, the Facebook page moderator can respond and delete inappropriate comments. He or she can also view insights.
  • Advertisor: Can create ads and view the insights of the page.
  • Insights analyst: This person has the least “powerful” role in the administration hierarchy. He can only view the page’s insights and that is it. 

Whether you are managing one social media page for your company or you’re managing many pages for many different companies, control over what is being written on your page is vital. Positive comments are great, but even negative comments can be turned into something positive, so don’t be too hasty with the “delete” button when you see them appearing on the pages you are managing.

New feature: Scheduling posts

I use Hoot Suite to schedule my posts and I am quite happy with it. Now, Facebook managers who don’t have access to this application will be able to schedule posts six months in advance right from the page they are managing. The posts will have to be scheduled 15 mins apart in order for them to appear on the page. Keep in mind however, that this feature will be available only to the managers who are allowed to create content on the page.

While it would have been better if Facebook had introduced these features when it first launched years ago, one could almost say that their existence now is proof that owning a Facebook page for your business in an important part of getting your name out in the world. Who would have thought that a website that was once created for university students would have become so popular? 

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