Youtube at the beginning

You can never appreciate the size of the universe we live in until you get into an airplane and fly to distant regions. Recent studies have shown that the world’s population exceeds 7 billion and more that 2 billion people can easily access the internet. What is more, over 5 billion people around the world own cell phones. Since many people are now connected to each other through global social media networks like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more, market opportunities that were once local have become global. Speaking of social networks, YouTube has proved to be an effective social network that connects millions of people around the world. However, although many people have heard about YouTube most of them do not know much about it.

For starters, YouTube’s original concept was motivated by the desire to have a video site where people from different parts of the world could date. Eventually, the idea was implemented and it gave birth to a video sharing platform that has so far helped to transform the website from a simple one way channel to a highly interactive web eco-system. YouTube has compelled many people around the world to connect to each other using a wide range of rich multi-media and social networking platforms.

Initially, YouTube was all about disseminating viral videos for entertainment purposes. However, today it is being used by experts to teach very important subjects such as mathematics and so on. A lot of business owners are now relying on YouTube to promote their products and services. It is one of the easiest ways to make your business known to potential buyers around the world. It is estimated that more than 490 million people are on YouTube. What is more, the site produces more than 90 billion views every month. You can therefore improve your business by applying YouTube to your investment.

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