Conceptually speaking, the goal is simple: appear in people's news feed. This is how viral growth is achieved. When you are featured in someone's feed, their friends see it and re-post, continuing the cycle. Adeo will help you seed the initial enthusiasm for you company, and bring it to a tipping point where it grows exponentially.


Preferably of course you should then acquire fans, interact with them, and repeat exposure. Functionally speaking, there are only a handful of ways to appear in a user's news feed:


  1. They share you content directly

  2. They become a fan of your page (“like”)

    1. They comment on a discussion within your page

    2. They RSVP an event within your page (can be real or virtual)

  3. They use their Facebook login to comment on your page

  4. The install your application that requires the right to post on their wall


There are other ways to gain exposure as well.


  1. Advertise your fan-page with Facebook ads.

  2. Drop your link on other fan pages (must be done tactfully)

  3. A link is shared directly via Facebook's built-in sharing functionality

  4. Reciprocity (like exchanges)


Unless the brand is very strong, and customers have strong will to show their loyalty, users will not join without an incentive. Companies must provide a reward greater than the “expense” of joining; something the average user only does 4 times a month1. Rewards include:


  1. Receiving interesting content on a regular basis.

  2. Chances of winning something of value

  3. Ability to join a discussion or voice an opinion


Certain types of content tend to be consumed and consumed more easily. Firstly, it must be short and simple; nothing too involved. This can be enhanced by the use of certain known attention grabbing words such as, for example “You”, “Facebook”, numbers etc. Negative or gloomy words tend to have the opposite effect. Again, call to action words in titles tend to get clickthroughs and passed along.


  1. Contests (especially ones that are exclusive to Facebook)

  2. Funny content

  3. Creative & Original/Clever content

  4. Quizzes

  5. Chain letter (“Did you know”)

  6. Videos/Images


If you choose to use a Facebook application to support your brand, you should create one that virtualizes real-world social behaviour. Preferably these will be simple with a small learning curve.


Launching an app can be more difficult without an existing user base to work with, however it can come from anywhere. An existing fan page is ideal, but a mailing list, website, twitter account or any other list to blast to get kick things off.


Once you have enough users, you can submit to the app directory and gain a little more exposure.


As much as Facebook can be used to bring traffic to your site, the reverse is also true. Cross promoting with your Facebook page can help retain your visitors over time, but also it gives you another chance to encourage people to “like” your content. You can also drop in a number of different other Facebook plug-ins depending on your needs. A great place to do just that is a “share” button within the articles of your website .


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