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Human beings have been telling stories as a form of entertainment since the dawn of time.


Despite being a social media fanatic, one thing I never thought about is how can someone get banned on a social media site?


In the modern world we live in, we can access our social media accounts with a mobile device anywhere as long as we are connected to the Internet.


Reasons why Google + might not celebrate its second birthday


The world of social media is constantly changing. New websites like Pinterest are emerging everyday to claim some a piece of the popularity pie.


We had to add “again” to the title or you might think that you we’re having deja vu


As of March 31 of this year, Facebook has over 835 525 280 users and that number increases every single second.


Nowadays, anyone can become an Internet celebrity overnight, just find a camera and upload a video to Youtube.


The change has happened, whether you approved of it or not, your old Facebook wall is now known as the Timeline...


If you read this blog frequently, you know that a few weeks ago, I wrote an article that talked about Pinterest...


We live in a fast paced world. Anything and everything can be shared with a click of a mouse...


I try to keep up with the social media trends when they appear. While it is true that I am not on every social media site known to man...


If you read our latest article, you recall that the topic covered was what were the big events that marked social media in 2011.


Another year has come and gone, and 2011 was a big year for social media. You don’t believe me?


It’s that time of year again. The time where people will be scouring all around town and the Internet to find that perfect gift for their loved ones.


I remembered when I had chicken pox as a child. I had some itchy annoying blister over most of my body and I missed a few days of school, but that was the end of it.


Can't we just all get along? Print media mogals like the New York Times are looking for innovative ways to have the two co-exist.


Social media is often accused of bad things. It was recently blamed for the riots that happened all over the UK...


Many of us can access the Internet from our phones or our tablet devices, and quite a few of us use the Internet every day at our workplace.


Why some people shut off social media sites from their lives, for good: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+...the list of social networking sites goes on and on.


Using social media in the classroom When I was grade school, the computers that we’re at our disposal for learning were not connected to the Internet and some of them were'nt even in color.


If you’re currently unemployed, you might want to pay closer attention to the following article A new trend that is emerging in the social media world is that more and more employers turn to sites like LinkedIn and Facebook to find that potential diamond in the rough that might the perfect employee


Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, those social media sites were all created for the same purpose: to bring people together. However, recent trends have government officials across the world worried that some people might be getting together for the wrong reasons, mainly, committing crimes and acts of vandalism.


What do Facebook and Twitter have in store to counter the Google+ phenomenon .Google+ is big, and it’s getting bigger. Since its launch at the end of June, more than 18 million people have boarded.

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