About LinkedIn

Although LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networks, a lot of people know very little about it. The truth is that people have not taken time to familiarize themselves with the important aspects of LinkedIn. But it is very important that you understand what this social site is all about especially since it continues to have a significant impact on the world. Besides, there are numerous benefits of being on LinkedIn. But for you to enjoy these benefits fully you have to understand a few important aspects of the social network. To begin with, millions of users are added to the network every week. For instance, the network grew by one million members in the last part of 2010.

Another important thing about LinkedIn is that it consists of executives from multi-billion companies. Most of these executives were listed in the year 2010 on the Fortune 500 list. This social network spends heavily on advertising and marketing. It also expects this type of spending to be its favored expense in the short-term. LinkedIn’s hiring solutions are its highest revenue earner. These solutions include recruitment, job posting, and other subscription services. These services represent 41 percent of its net revenue.

What is more, this network offers business owners an opportunity to popularize their investments. The question is: Why should you bother to attract LinkedIn users to your content? Well, it is estimated that 40 percent of visitors you receive from LinkedIn are most likely new to the product or service. These are prospective customers and supporters. However, you need to know that LinkedIn users are always looking for useful and relevant content. Therefore you have to make your content captivating and professional. That way, you will be able to persuade more people from LinkedIn to register for your weekly and monthly mailing list.

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